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Why Create a Website?

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Greetings! I'm Jared Smith. I'm an avid reader, fitness enthusiast, lifelong learner, school district superintendent, and the guy behind

In 2008 I accepted my first job as a school administrator. It didn't take long to discover I had a lot to learn when it came to educational leadership. To be honest, I relied on my extremely high energy and whatever charisma I possessed. There came a moment when it dawned on me that leadership was the key to my professional career. If I didn’t get better at leading people, my career would eventually stagnate and I would never reach my professional goals. 


I needed to commit myself to being a lifelong learner. 


This realization served as a catalyst for enrolling in the Superintendent's Licensure and PhD programs at Iowa State University. As I progressed through my coursework I was motivated by the results I started to see. Not only was my confidence as a leader growing, I also began to see the positive impact continuing education was having in all aspects of my life.

After finishing my dissertation and earning my doctorate, my appreciation for learning continued to evolve. I found great satisfaction in researching the theories and habits of the world's most successful people, as well as implementing new discoveries into daily practice.


By 2019 I had accumulated a substantial amount of research and notes but didn't have a method for organizing my findings. It dawned on me that creating a website would not only serve as a place to collect my research, it would also function as an ongoing portfolio of my professional and personal development.


I am excited to use this website as a tool for sharing my passion for lifelong learning with others. At any time I encourage you to contact me to share your thoughts and feedback.

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