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Feeling Disconnected?

One of my biggest goals for this year has been to spend more time with our leadership team members. I spoke about this commitment to regular 1:1 meetings on my Habits of Mind page. The first picture below is the "public scoreboard" I have in my office which helps to hold me accountable for meeting my goal. As you can see, I completed 52 1:1 meetings with administrators, directors, and school board members during the month of October. The second graphic is a spreadsheet I keep that tracks the meetings I have with each individual leadership team member.

Although I'm only two months in with this focus on 1:1 meetings, I can already tell this commitment to meeting with my direct reports is paying huge dividends. Not only do I feel more knowledgable of what is going on within each school and department, I also feel much closer to those individuals. I plan on continuing this practice for years to come, and would recommend that anyone in a leadership position implement this "hack" to positively impact his or her work culture.



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