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Holiday Poinsettia Deliveries

Thanks to a few of our elementary employees (Vanessa Rivera, Brad Schweppe, and Kris Collins) we have went from not having a formal Partner in Education program to having seventeen members...all in less than a year's time! The establishment of this program has been a "win-win" for our school district and our community.

To show our appreciation and strengthen our relationship with our partners, we sent holiday poinsettias to each business along with a special handwritten note saying how much each business means to our school district. Sometimes it can be hard for schools to give back to businesses because of financial restraints placed on districts. However, we determined these flowers were an allowable expense and were well-worth the investment.

The feedback we received from our business partners was very positive. Not only were the businesses pleasantly surprised with the delivery, business owners indicated this was an effective way to remind staff members (and visitors) about their partnership with the school district. Finally, we asked the Tama Florist to take photos of each flower delivery so we could share them on social media. This allowed us to give another gift to each partner - good publicity!



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