Book Rankings

Finding the perfect book can be difficult. To help others avoid my struggles, I set out to create a tool for quickly browsing books related to leadership, education, and personal growth.


The end result is this book rankings list. The order is highly subjective and should not treated as gospel. Rankings are loosely based on each book's impact on my life, meaning you may discover a much different outcome.

There are two key ideas to keep in mind when exploring these rankings. First, I will often read something I believe to be insignificant, only to later realize the importance of the idea. These rankings reflect these new discoveries. Second, if two books share a similar topic, there is a good chance the book I read first will be ranked higher given my second encounter of the same information was not as meaningful. 

Check out my Book Summaries page where I provide three big takeaways, other key ideas, and an opportunity to purchase each book. 

Is a book too high, too low, or completely missing? Email me at with your thoughts!

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