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Keynotes & Presentations

I love bringing excitement, energy, and new ideas to organizations and offer a variety of presentations to best fit your needs. Learning opportunities for administrators, staff, students, and your community are all available with one purpose: to push your organization forward.


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“Job well done today!  In the 15 years I have been in education, I can honestly say we have never had so much energy, excitement and fun together as a district! What a great way to start the year!!”

Travis - High School Teacher

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Today was one of the most, if not THE most refreshing PD days in over 20 years. "

Ann - Instructional Coach

“Just wanted to thank you for a great presentation yesterday.  We haven't had  that level of professional development in 20 years.  Everyone left with the most positive attitude we've had here in a long time. Great job!”

Marjorie - Assistant Principal

“Dr. Smith - I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the day today. Your planning, positive spirit, and fun really set the stage for a good year."

Lisa - Elementary School Teacher

“This guy has got something special. I have been to several conferences and there is something special about the way Dr. Smith engages the audience with his stories, activities, and message."

Terry - School District Director

“Jared Smith - thank you for pouring into us. Some of the best conversations I have had in 16 years in education. Keep up the great work!."

Pete - College & Career Transition Counselor



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