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Culture Hacks

Over the last several years I have been asked to share ideas we have used to positively impact school culture. This page provides a list of some of the ideas we have implemented. While I am by no means an expert in the field of organizational culture, my experiences indicate when ideas like these are utilized they will provide positive returns within an educational community. 


 Although I am sharing these ideas through the context of the educational setting, I believe many ideas are universal and could positively impact culture in a variety of settings. In fact, a number of the ideas we have implemented originate outside the field of education.

This page serves as a personal journal so I can document and revisit these ideas as well as push myself to continue to implement new ideas. Furthermore, this page serves as a resource for others to try out new ideas in their own settings. My goal is to continue adding new ideas, so please remember to return in the future!

Complete List of Culture Hacks

Scroll down to browse all Culture Hacks. Entries are listed in reverse chronological order with newer ideas at the top and older ideas at the bottom.

Top 10 Culture Hacks For 2020

Does Culture Matter? Part 2


Does Culture Matter? Part 1


Pay Your Support Staff


Data Driven Disconnect?


Top 10 School Culture Hacks


Chili & Cinnamon Rolls? Yes Please!

One Way to Make Birthdays Special

Writing Holiday Cards to Spouses

Assemble a Communications Team

Secret Santa Door Hangers

Holiday Poinsettia Deliveries

"Free" Vacation Time Giveaway

Don't Forget Food Service Staff!

Extreme Couponing

Communicate Excellence

Feeling Disconnected?

Commitment to Graduates

"State of the District" Breakfast

Don't Throw Away Leftovers!

First, Let Me Take a Selfie

Communicate Early & Often

Power of Postcard Praise

Chain of Command

Flower Power

All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

Looking to Liven Up the Office?

Ice Cream Pie Giveaway

Road Of Achieving Milestones

Reinforcing District Core Values

Summer Vacation Contest

County Fair

Donut Worry, Be Happy

It's Just Lunch

Students = Great Guest Speakers

Don't Forget Support Staff!

Rock Paper Scissors Posse

#TheTrojanWay Award

College Decision Day

YOU Get a Yeti! YOU Get a Yeti!

Knock, Knock "Room Service!"

Teacher Shortage? Grow Your Own

Keep it Simple, Stupid

Take Advantage of Appointments

National Day Calendar

Social Media Director

Do You Assume Positive Intent?

The School Intercom System

Laminating Machine

Winter Weather Letters

Awards Ceremonies

T-Shirts for Guest Visitors

Locally Roasted Coffee

90-Minute Staff Lunches

Popcorn Friday

College-Bound Wall

Food For Days...

Employee Referral Bonus

Celebrate Promotions

Birthday Emails

Wellness Partnership

Postcards to Alumni


New Staff Bios

Staff Appreciation Movie

Holiday Giveaway

Vacation Day Drawing


Press Clippings


All Staff Celebrations

Oversized Canvas Prints

Organizational Chart

Special Delivery

Birthday Postcards

Donut Giveaways

Chili Cook Off

Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Growth Mindset Painting

Senior Wall

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