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Does Culture Matter? Part I

Some people may ask, "Does all of this culture hack stuff really matter." Without getting too far into the research - yes - it matters. Everything we do in our district we are trying to make our staff feel heard and valued. While we can't meet our goal all the time, we do have data to back up the fact that our focus on culture and climate is working.


Below is three-year data that we collected on our culture and climate. As you can see, our data has gone up each time we have given the survey. Consistently giving staff the same survey over time will provide valuable data in terms of the trend of your district's overall wellbeing. 


There is a popular saying that says,"Happy teachers equal happy students." Districts would be wise to focus on teacher happiness before all else. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-24 at 7.15.32 AM.png
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