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Book: Gorilla Mindset

Author:  Mike Cernovich

Purchase:  Print | eBook | Audiobook

Citation: Cernovich, M. (2015). Gorilla mindset : how to dominate and unleash the animal inside of you : better self-control, improved health and fitness, and more money. Place of publication not identified: publisher not identified.

Three Big Takeaways:
  1. Sleep as much as you need to. Yes, life is busy and we all have reasons to lose sleep. Sleeping with a humidifier next to the bed, especially when it's dry out, is also a source of white noise and moisturizes your skin. Buy the best mattress and bedding you can afford. You spend one-third of your life in bed. I have found a foam memory topper (such as a Tempurpedic) is a game changer. Reflect on what you seek to achieve the next day. Too many people dwell on what happened during the day. Keep looking forward. Focus on your goals and life vision. (pg. 85)

  2. When you develop your own personal brand by differentiating yourself from the rest of the pack, it stands to reason that some people will love you. However, some people will always hate you, as society often dislikes those who have the courage to stand up and be recognized. (pg. 158)

  3. Instead of waiting to be discovered, you must choose yourself. For example, I wanted to start a podcast. No one asked me to be a guest on their show. I chose myself by starting a podcast, which is now the highest-rated mindset podcast on iTunes. When I wanted to write a book on mindset, I didn't wait for a publishing house to approach me. Instead, I chose myself by self-publishing this book. (pg. 158)


Other Key Ideas:

When you feel distracted during a conversation, you can help yourself check in by using these powerful two mantras: "There's no place I'd rather be. There's no one else I'd rather see." When you tell yourself this, you begin to believe it. When you believe that there is nowhere else you'd rather be and no one else you'd rather see, the other person can feel it. (pg. 56)

When you eat you should focus on your food. Studies have shown people tend to eat 25-50% more calories when eating in front of the television. Because we aren't focused on eating while watching television (or surfing the web), we lose track of how much we've actually eaten. (pg. 81)

Turn off electronic devices for as long as you can afford to. I do not use my smartphone at all when driving or when at the gym. (If I need to listen to music, I will put my smartphone in airplane mode.) For at least two hours each day I am totally disconnected. This has done much for my levels of inner peace and mindfulness. (pg. 86)

There is something called an ANDI (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index) score which quantifies the best foods to eat based on nutrients, vitamins, and minerals the food contains. Kale, spinach, peppers, romaine lettuce, asparagus, and strawberries are high on the list. (pg. 106)

You can mitigate the dietary harm of a binge meal or chat day by using fiber tablets, fiber powder, or even fiber gummies. Dietary fiber lowers your body's insulin response to food, as it slows digestion. Fiber also can bind to fat from the meal, carrying it through your body to be eliminated before being stored. (pg. 116)

I am far from a minimalist. I own the newest Macbook, have the best headphones, and a top-quality microphone for my podcast. When a new iPhone is released, I buy it, as the iPhone takes great pics. I don't buy these items to impress other people. I buy them because they enhance my life or increase my income. (pg. 143)

Remember that transparency will help you more than hurt you. I can't be caught doing anything because I've disclosed everything. Even if I made a mistake and someone tried to run my reputation, I could defend myself easily. Maybe I left something out unintentionally, but because I have built truth through transparency, people would believe me, rather than assume the worst. We're all human. We mess up and make mistakes, we're not infallible. But when you've established yourself as a trusted authority, forgiveness will come quickly if you admit your mistakes, so long as you aren't deliberately committing fraud or abusing people's trust. (pg. 152)​

When you think about the past, do you feel the moment? Sometimes you can even hear the sounds and see the sights of the memory. It's like you're really there. Rather than ponder the past, visualize your future. Think of a goal you'd like to achieve. Maybe it's making more money, finding a better job, or getting fit. Imagine yourself achieving that goal. Think about where you will be sitting when you reach your goal. Will you be sitting in a large leather chair behind a thick oak desk, or maybe on a hammock in a tropical paradise? For the rest of the day, do not think about the past. Instead, visualize the future. Picture what you want. Visualize your perfect day and dream about a better future. (pg. 168)

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