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Commitment to Graduates

Last spring I talked about how our school district created a special day where we met with all of our high school seniors who were interested in entering the field of education. I wanted to take a few minutes to share more about the "commitment" we made to each student.

Beyond having the chance to meet with district leadership to talk about the teaching profession, as well as enjoying an all-expenses paid lunch at a local restaurant, students were invited to an upcoming school board meeting to be recognized. During this meeting, all students were given a letter saying that the school district is committed to offering any graduate who receives a degree in the field of education an interview with our school district for any open position in which he or she is certified (see letter below).

Word of this commitment spread quickly, as a local news station out of Cedar Rapids picked up the story. The students not only appreciated the commitment from the district, they also liked being featured on the six o'clock news!



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