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Don't Throw Away Leftovers!

In our school district we have a lot of meetings. At many meetings, the host provides snacks for the people who are invited. Quite often these meetings result in uneaten snacks - especially in January when New Years Resolutions begin! Often we place these leftovers the teachers lounge or office for our staff to enjoy for an afternoon snack, while other times these snacks just end up in the garbage at the end of the day.

I have started making a habit of grabbing those extra snacks (assuming no one else wants them of course!) and look for creative ways to give them away to our students. In the first set of pictures below I asked the elementary secretaries if they could find some of the "best dressed" homecoming students. In the last picture I created a contest on Twitter asking our students (many of them high schoolers) to reply to my tweet with our district hashtag #TheTrojanWay. In both cases the winners were treated with a delicious surprise!

Being intentional about taking unwanted leftovers from meetings and getting them into the hands of our students helps me get into our buildings to create a special moment for those students. While I might not remember every student who receives a prize...I am pretty certain the students remember this encounter. I've found this little extra effort goes a long ways in helping create a special bond between myself and our students!



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