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Don't Forget Food Service Staff!

I previously mentioned how important I believe it is to have food at meetings. So when we hosted our most recent All-Staff Celebration, you had better believe food was one of the first details we addressed. We came up with an idea where we would ask each individual kitchen team (Elementary, Middle School, High School) if they were up for the challenge of baking a special holiday recipe of their choice for the rest of our district staff. Overwhelmingly, they were honored to have this responsibility! As you can see below, the teams made holiday cake balls, festive pumpkin bars, and "Reindeer Poop." All three snacks were an absolute hit with our staff members! Not only did it feel great to give our ladies ownership with this project, the fact that our whole district was together provided the perfect opportunity to give our entire food service crew some much-needed public recognition for all their hard work. We will definitely do this again in the future!



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