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Ice Cream Pie Giveaway

Honestly, is there anything better than ice cream in the summer? I was thinking about doing another of our #TheTrojanWay donut giveaways but then decided we needed to change things up. I saw on Facebook that Murph's Creamery & Grill started making a number of delicious ice cream pies and I thought those would be the perfect prize for a mid-July giveaway. When I went to Murph's to promote the event I immediately saw two of our high school students and thought, "perfect - we'll get a picture of them holding the pies!" I have started using a phone app called Boomerang because kids these days (and some adults I know!) seem to love the program.

Finally, when it came to finally announcing the winners I went back to Murph's and did the drawing in real-time using Facebook Live. In my opinion, this giveaway is a win-win-win since you are supporting local business, highlighting some of your high school students, and - most importantly - are reinforcing the positive culture within your district.



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