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Laminating Machine

Odds are, there is at least one laminating machine in your school district.  And odds are, very few of families have access to a laminating machine.  That is why I always encourage our families to come in and use our laminating machines free of charge so that they can laminate any special press-clippings for their children.

We had a student named Hope who scored her first lead role in the school play.  She played the role of Annie and did an amazing job!  I noticed on Facebook that her parents had helped her collect all of the press clippings from the local newspaper.  I messaged the mom and encouraged her to bring those clippings in to our district office so that we could laminate them for her.  I believe creating a lasting memory for is MUCH more valuable than whatever a few sheets of laminating sheets might cost.  Often these clippings show up at graduation open houses and on the kitchen refrigerator - creating a sense of pride for that individual and spreading a positive culture to all who see the memorabilia.



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