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Looking to Liven Up the Office?

I already shared my thoughts on how canvas prints can really liven up the office, but the response to the my new prints has been so positive I figured I should share again. My process has been to contact our local newspaper photographers to see if they would mind allowing me to have some of their best photos of our kids. Usually they are very willing to supply their photos (thank you Muscatine Journal and Tama/Toledo News!). Once I get the photos I work with area printing companies to get the photos placed on a 24" x 36" canvas print. It's a little bit of work, but the visitors to my office always remark how cool they are! To take it an extra step, consider using Twitter to share with any students or staff members they are the "lucky ones" whose pictures will be up in your workspace for the foreseeable future. Talk about strengthening relationships!



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