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Reinforcing District Core Values

In our district we use a few sayings or "catchphrases" to communicate the mission, vision, and values we expect from our students and our staff.  One of those catchphrases that has been around for a couple of years is "The Trojan Way" (originated by Emily Chyma and others at STC High School).  In short, "The Trojan Way" means that we respect one another and hold ourselves and our peers to high expectations.  When we notice someone from our district demonstrating these ideals we are intentional about sharing with our community.  For example, last winter two of our staff members (Steve McAdoo and Dave Wacha) drove all the way to the Iowa/Missouri border at the drop of a hat to pick up two teachers who were stranded after their car broke down.  We couldn't help but share this act of kindness with our community as this behavior epitomizes everything about the "The Trojan Way." These two gentlemen were local celebrities after word got out on their heroic gesture!



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