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Secret Santa Door Hangers

Last summer we started an Employee Engagement Committee (EEC) here at the South Tama County School District. The committee - made up of staff members from every employee group across our organization - wanted to do something special for all staff members for the holidays. After lots of brainstorming, we came up with a special way of treating all staff members we called "Secret Santa."

Similar to the room service delivery we did last spring, we gave each staff member a menu of holiday-themed goodies from which to choose. Each staff member was asked to order one drink and one snack item from the menu. Once staff members made their selection, they were asked to place their completed menu on their door handle. After all orders were made, building committee members picked up each personalized order. Finally, "room service" was hand-delivered to all employees across the district. We found this small token of appreciation went a long ways during what can be a stressful final week leading up to winter break!



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