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"State of the District" Breakfast

This past week we held a breakfast event that was free for parents, staff members, and community members. The purpose of this breakfast was to strengthen the relationship between our schools and our community, to communicate some of the awesome things that are going on in our district, and to present relevant information that will impact our community in the years moving forward.

One of the best opportunities this event provided was a chance to reinforce the district vision, strategic anchors, and core values with our community. I believe it is important for organizational leaders to look for opportunities where they can to deliver these key ideas to stakeholders in a variety of settings. The breakfast also provided a valuable chance to discuss key information pertaining to a March bond referendum vote.

We had an outstanding turnout and attendees I spoke with were very positive and complimentary of this inaugural event. I realize many districts already do a breakfast or similar event, but if your district is not currently doing something I would encourage you to explore this idea. Not only will you have an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between your schools and the community, this setting also provides a valuable chance to deliver your vision, strategy, and core values "elevator speech" to a variety of stakeholders in a relaxed setting.



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