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#TheTrojanWay Award

Our schools have adopted the hashtag #TheTrojanWay as a way to brand our district.  The use of this hashtag has been pretty popular and can be found just about everywhere in our community.  So when we had an end of the year celebration we decided it made perfect sense to create a "#TheTrojanWay Award."  We asked for staff to nominate other staff members who they believed should win the award.  Instead of simply handing out the awards, we did a number of things to make the moment really special.  First, we had people who wrote the nominations get up in front of our district staff and read the nominations.  Second, we secretly invited family members of all of the winners to attend to the event - and all nine of our winners had someone who attended!  Third, we made sure to get very nice glass plaques that really looked nice.  And finally, for the people who were nominated for an award but were not selected we still made sure to show them the nomination form so they could see the positive words that their colleagues had written.  Overall, the response to this event was incredible!



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