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Are They Ready? Elevating Staff into Leadership Roles

Filling leadership positions can be hard work. This time of year school districts are searching for current employees to elevate into leadership positions. These decisions can be difficult as candidates typically have never held official leadership roles.

Looking for one way to identify strong leaders in your district? Consider the success employees have had leading volunteer groups. Examples of volunteers groups could include parent groups, staff committees, and student organizations.

When we think of great leaders we often think of business leaders. Don't get me wrong, there are many outstanding business leaders in our world today. But you know what business leaders also have? Leverage. Leverage in the form of salary, benefits, and bonuses. I know many people who will gladly be a follower when money is at stake.

Volunteer group leaders do not have the luxury of compensating their followers. Rather, they must engage others with influence. A person with great influence will get many volunteers to attend meetings and inspire others to follow his or her mission.

As you search for employees to fill leadership roles within your district, take a look at employees who are skilled at attracting others to follow when nothing is at stake. This is the true mark of leadership ability.



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