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Technology Relationships

When I attended my first Iowa Association of School Boards Convention in 2018 I had a chance to hear a gentleman by the name of Matt Beaudreau deliver one of the keynote addresses.  There were several great ideas that Matt shared about "bridging the generational divide"- the growing concern that young Americans graduating from college are not equipped with the skills needed succeed to lead in the modern-day workplace.  But one idea has really stuck with me since that day back in November. 

Matt suggested that "Having a technology relationship with someone will lead to a face to face relationship with someone."  I quickly realized that many of the relationships I have formed - either with students, staff, and other professionals - have started as technology relationships that have later grown into "in-person" relationships.  While others may contend that technology relationships are shallow or meaningless, I believe much of the success I have had working in education has come as a result of intentionally trying to build relationships with individuals through the use use of social media - especially Twitter. 



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