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This page shares a collection of articles I have written covering the topics of leadership, education, and personal growth. I have discovered pushing myself to articulate thoughts through writing helps to clarify my thinking and deepen my understanding on a topic. Furthermore, when I summarize my thoughts I have found there is greater likelihood the concepts are retained and become mental habits.


I hope these articles serve as a resource for others. Whether you choose to implement these ideas into daily practice, or use these insights to reinforce an already-established mindset, I hope you find practical application with each essay.

Complete List of Blog Entries

Scroll down to browse all of my articles by date and title.  Articles are listed in reverse chronological order with my newest articles at the top and my oldest essays at the bottom.


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What I Learned About Divorce


Tug of War


Create More Leaders


Schools Out For The Summer


Looking For Experience


Don't Worry, Be Happy


10 Tips for Dealing w/ Staff


Lesson Learned


8 Ideas for Recruitment


Everyone, Stay Calm


I'm So ... Scared


Disagree and Commit


Don't Walk Past Your Work


Don't Be THAT Boss


You Look Like Opie


Integrity in Leadership


Dumb Questions

The True Cost of Leadership


One Million Dollars


What is Mindfulness?


Let's Get Physical, Physical

Napping: Lazy or Savvy?

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead!


Family Vacation? You're Crazy

Dealing with FOMO


Email: Good, Bad, Ugly

Workaholism in Schools


Insane in the Membrane


Maker Vs. Manager


Making Habits Stick


"Ain't Nobody Got Time..."


Rock You Like a Hurricane


These Boots are for Walkin'!


10 Tips for Addressing Staff


Tell it to My Heart


Don't Be a Cheap Boss


Positive Feedback


Remote Work in Education


School ... Or Prison?


Everyone, Stay Calm!


Effective School Meetings


The Flywheel Effect


Top 10 Culture Hacks 2020


Disagree and Commit

Player or Conductor?


Shake it Off


Mr. Brightside


Lead Learner


Dealing with Toxic Staff


No More Mr. Nice Guy


Improving Teacher Evals


Teacher Effectiveness


PD Books


School Supplies


We Talkin' About Practice!

Teacher Anxiety


"Kids Don't Learn..."


Power of Moments


North Star


No Horses Allowed!!!


"You Look Like Opie!"


Aren't You The Supt?


Nice Guys Finish Last


Writing - A Superpower?


Radical Transparency




I'm So Excited


Spending Time Together


Don't Be THAT Boss


The "Red Flash"


Bah Humbug!


Integrity and Leadership


Why Can't We Be Friends?


Didn't Get the Job? Good.


Lesson Learned


8 Ideas for Recruitment


5 Ideas to Evaluation


Standardized Tests (For Days)


Say What?!


What is Instructional Lead...


If You Can't Say Something...


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?


Rot or Not


The Ultimate Life Hack? Sleep. 


Power of Moments


Suffer from FOMO?


Behind on Your Netflix Show?


The Case for Remote Work...


Purging the Energy Vampire


These Boots are Made for...


The Best Feedback? Criticism


The Principled Leader


10 Tips for Employee...


Ugh, Another Meeting? 

Teachers and PD Books

Teachers and Supplies

You Just Walked Past Your...

Bah Humbug!

Follow The Leader

Embrace Constructive Criticism

Identifying Leadership Talent

Inspire Rather Than Discourage

Lesson Learned


Orchestrate Rather Than Do


Ignore the Critics


Treat Staff as Professionals


Managing Anxiety


Everything Happens for...


Don't be THAT District


To Whom Much is Given


Relationships > Content


Seriously, Lighten Up!


Saving Face


Successful Cultures


A High-Leverage Activity?


Is Napping Good for Adults?


Everything will be Alright


The Problem with Testing

Is This Real Life?

The Bigger Picture

Would You Want Your Kid...

"I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"


"You're Too Positive"

Nice to Know You

Can I Have Your Attention?

The Friend Zone

Personal Leave? You're Crazy!

Why I Steer Clear of Politics

A Badge of Honor


Productive vs. Unproductive


Keep Track of Time


Be a Maker in the Morning


Caught in the Whirlwind


Importance of Follow Through


A Double-Edged Sword


The Most Underrated Skill


Teachers Get Free Books


School Staff and Remote Work


Encouraging or Discouraging?

Positive Praise > Higher Salary


Disagree and Commit


Stop Being "Old School"


Leading With Integrity


Staff Coaching & Discipline


Death By Meeting


Get Passionate About Hiring


Step Away From The Email


Momentum & Improvement


What Is Principled Leadership?


Teacher School Supplies


Social (Media) Distancing

Walked Past Your Work


High-Leverage Activity


Promoting Staff


Bad for Support Staff


Pay Your Support Staff


Our Children Deserve Better


Impacting Future Generations


Employee Evaluation Time

Keeping the Focus on Kids


When Father Speaks...Listen

Don't Know Everything?

Hard Core (Values)

Hiring Leaders is a BIG Deal

600 Hours (On Social Media)

Bah Humbug! Gifts in Schools

10 Facts About Sleep

Commit Time to Things...

Instructional Leadership

1:1 Meetings

Undivided Attention

Email Tips and Tricks

Focus on Patterns, Not Events

Justice Will Prevail

The Best Feedback is Criticism

Making a Hiring Mistake

Count Calories to Lose Weight

Lead By Wandering Around

Don't Worry Be Happy

Zambonis For Your Brain

Never Yell or Argue

Are You TOO Positive?

Where do you Spend Time? 

Are Tech Relationships Good?

Exercise 6 Days a Week For Life

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