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Top 10 School Culture Hacks

Over the past couple weeks I have completely revamped my Culture Hacks page to make the site more user-friendly. Given the overhaul of this page, I thought it would be helpful to share my current Top 10 School Culture Hacks.

Although these ideas come from the field of education, I believe many of these suggestions are universal and could be implemented into any businesses or organization. I would encourage you to look through these ideas and pick a couple try in your setting.

Click on each link to read the full summary. Enjoy!


10.) Holiday Cards to Employee Spouses - This was an idea I implemented this year for the first time. It took some time to gather addresses and set up the process, but the result was well-worth the effort!

9.) Bring Your Dog to Work Day - Our staff LOVED this event! We had around 30 dogs in our building at one time. Furthermore, our students were super excited and engaged all day long. Talk about a win-win!!

8.) Flower Deliveries to New Staff - Make your new teachers' first day of work extra special by having flowers delivered to their building. This will create a special moment for employees they won't soon forget.

7.) Onesies for Babies of Staff Members - We gift school-themed onesies to all staff members (or spouses) who recently had a baby. To make this moment really special, we present them at an all-staff celebration.

6.) Birthday Emails to Employees - Sending birthday greetings to each employee allows me to strengthen relationships with our employees as well as gives me an opportunity to provide specific, positive feedback.

5.) Popcorn Friday - I would highly recommend all schools have a popcorn machine in their building. We make popcorn for staff every Friday - our employees love this salty snack at the end of a long week.

4.) Staff Appreciation Movies - We host these family-friendly events twice a year during both winter and summer break. Our staff enjoy getting their kids out of the house and attending this free event.

3.) Assemble a Communications Team - Effective communication is a vital piece of school culture, so at a minimum every school should have a social media director. If you aren't telling your story, someone else is.

2.) Free Vacation Day Drawing - This is a staff favorite. Just before the holiday season we give away free vacation time to several of our staff members. The gift of time is one of the best gifts you can give!

1.) Birthday Postcards - This is probably the best "culture hack" I have implemented in my 15 years as an educator. I would highly recommend school leaders look at sending their students a special birthday note.



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